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Quality Policy

It is our policy to comply with all applicable requirements, including those of our customers, legislation and those of ISO 9001.

We have developed a management system to control our processes and to direct our employees in order to achieve this policy. We will establish objectives and targets which will be monitored and measured in order to continually improve our quality compliance.

Employees and others acting on Global Bunkering Ltd’s behalf will be made aware of all applicable Global Bunkering Ltd‘s related policies, standards and guidelines. Global Bunkering Ltd’s management also is responsible for ensuring that employees and others acting on Global Bunkering Ltd’s behalf are properly trained in these policies and procedures.

What it means

  • Comply with all relevant Global Bunkering Ltd EHS policies and procedures
  • Ensure customer satisfaction is achieved.
  • Incorporate this policy into our daily job duties and business decisions.
  • Operate and maintain equipment, facilities and processes in a safe manner.
  • Participate in training and education programs to improve compliance, both on and off the job.
  • Controls are in place to ensure that the project quality objectives are reached.

This policy will be made available to all interested parties and Global Bunkering Ltd requires all directors, senior managers and employees to fulfil their legal responsibilities and to co-operate and consult with staff and management to ensure the company’s continued success and growth. All employees and contractors working for the company will be made aware of this policy and be required to comply with it. It will be reviewed and updated (where required) as part of the management review process. Where changes to the policy are made, it will be re-issued and implemented.