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Global Bunkering mission is:

1) Customer Satisfaction

As far as Global Bunkering is trading company, the customer satisfaction is the main point of trading. Customer should be satisfied by service quality (inquiry workout speed, accessibility of marine fuel), by quality of fuel gained, by attention from the traders side. The growing customer database shows that company is successfully performing this part of the mission but there is now limit for the perfection.

2) Supplier Satisfaction

From the other side of the business relationship with suppliers is the strongest point of the trading company. Global Bunkering tries to be reliable partner for the suppliers and growing list of suppliers is the evidence of this mission performing.

3) Company growth

Completing both satisfaction of customer and suppliers goals allows company to growth both financial and physically. Company plans to develop well known international office net around the world - Russia, Baltic Sea area, Singapore, North and Latin America areas.

4) Employee welfare

The main asset of company is people working for the company. Thus the welfare of employee is the key point to success.

5) Social responsibility

Global Bunkering is trading company but nevertheless it feels social responsibility taking into account the areas company working in. Business of company is strongly connected with the environment and company cares about environment and works only with suppliers which feel the same social responsibility.